For years the idea of doing something with graff and photography haunted through my head. There are not that much "interesting" magazines anymore, and basically they're all the same.

Ever since our only Dutch pride Bomber Megazine has announced to quit, the idea of creating a new magazine became stonger and stronger. So I build up a team, and here we are: Overrated Magazine!

We focus on graffiti and photography, so we're not just looking for panels, wholecars, legal walls and the sickest street actions. We're also paying attention to "graff related" photography. Of course we can't do it without your help. For this reason we would like to ask you to help us out!

Are you interested in a (perfect) spot in our magazine? It's worldwide! Please send your unpublished and high quality pictures to our email address.

On digitally base we're not limited to posting pictures. So if you have a nice movie, trailer, interesting article or any other? Feel free to share!