T-shirt "NonStop-1312"

€ 24,99

Date: 13-12

Time: 13:12

We celebrate international 1312 day presenting you a fresh fine art print and 2 t-shirts. Happy 1312!


The trainnumber from the Dutch doubledecker train type “VIRM” is made out of 4 digits varying between 8201 and 9597. Especially for this day, we transformed one of these 178 trains to the “1312 train” by replacing the stickers of the original trainnumber. The “Virm-1312” print is a digital copy of a painting made shortly after this action.

Two t-shirts designs followed quickly, one matching the painting, and the second one the logo of the NS, the Dutch railway company. 

And guess what? Price of the shirts are only 13+12: €25,-

The “NonStop-1312” t-shirt is available in navy blue with NS-yellow print. Printed on Stanley and Stella fabric.

Shipping within ~2 weeks.